Serious Damage Can Result From Even Minor Collisions: Always Report To Insurance And Use Auto Repair Services You Trust

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Being in a minor collision can be incredibly frustrating; there doesn't look like there has been any serious damage to your vehicle and you don't want to deal with the hassle of contacting the police and filing an insurance claim. However, this can open you up to legal liability. You should always protect yourself by contacting the police and your insurance company; sometimes the damage from a collision can be worse than it initially appears.

The Police And Insurers Exist To Protect You From Liability

If both of the vehicles in the collision have suffered only minor cosmetic damage, either you or the other party may be tempted to not report the incident to the police or to your insurance companies. After all, it can be a hassle dealing with insurance and nobody wants their rates to go up. However, this isn't a good idea; if you do not file a police report and do not call your insurance company, you can open yourself up to serious liability. The benefit of having a police report is that it will contain all the facts of the accident and the circumstances leading up to it from a neutral third party. If the other party in the crash later decides to sue you because the damages were more severe than anticipated (whether it caused injury or caused damage to the vehicle) then you will not be able to easily prove who is at fault for the accident.

Auto Repair Shops Often Find Serious Problems From Minor Collisions

It is not unusual for automobiles that have experienced a collision to be more damaged than they first appear. When you take your vehicle to the auto repair shop, they will be able to inspect the car more closely during the process of performing the repairs. Sometimes this reveals damage to the frame of the car that is not apparent from the outside and this is a much more expensive problem to fix than simple cosmetic repairs. If you have reported the accident to your insurance company, you will be covered; the auto repair services will work with your insurance company to collect the extra funds needed for more intensive repairs. If you didn't report the accident to your insurance, you will be left paying out-of-pocket for a very expensive problem.

Shop Around For Service You Trust

Your insurance company likely has a list of preferred auto repair service providers; these are businesses that have negotiated payment rates with your insurance company and have a good track record of customer service as well as the equipment necessary to do a wide variety of repairs. Depending on your state insurance regulations, you may have the right to choose an auto repair shop that you desire and are not limited to preferred providers. Some insurance companies also give policyholders in all states the right to choose any repair shop they wish. If this is the case, ask friends and family for recommendations on which auto repair services they have used in the past.

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