4 Things That You Should Know About The Maintenance Of Diesels Before Buying European Autos

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If you want to have a unique classic that is a little different, there are many European imports that you may want. With European cars, you are also going to be more likely to buy a diesel vehicle. With diesel cars that are also going to be some special maintenance needs that will have to be done.  Here are some tips that will help you with the maintenance of your European diesel car:

1. The Fuel Filter And Importance of Using Premium Diesel in Cars

There are some substantial differences in the diesel engine that is in a tractor or the engine in a car. The engines used in cars usually have a turbo and are more sensitive to bad fuels that have high water content, more particles and are less refined. If you have bought a classic diesel car, use premium fuel to get more mileage and reduce wear on the engine.

2. Knowing When It Is Time for Oil Change Maintenance in Diesel Cars

With a gasoline car, you are often told to change the oil every 3000 miles to get the most life out of an engine. Diesel vehicles are different because there is a lot less friction, but it is still just as important for you to have regular fuel changes done. You will want to have the oil changed and filters replaced at about double the mileage than a gasoline engine. In addition, if the engine is smoking, it is normal a may be a sign that the oil and filters need to be changed.

3. The Problems with Fuel Injection Systems, Power Loss and Debris in Diesel Engines

Fuel injection systems in diesel vehicles are especially sensitive. Since most cars that are used for daily driving need to have turbos, special sensors and efficient intakes, there are a lot of problems that particles and debris cause with these vehicles. Sometimes, problems like a dirty or bad oxygen sensor may seem like the turbo is not working. If you have a severe loss of power, then you will want to change the air filters and have the sensors and fuel injection system checked for problems. Usually, repairs to the injection system will be a lot cheaper then replacing the turbo in your car.

These are some tips that will help you with the maintenance of your European diesel. Contact a tire maintenance service, such as King George Truck & Tire Center, to help with alignments, balancing and fitting your car with the right type of rubber for the best performance and fuel efficiency.